Q. What is an LED?

A.  A light emitting Diode commonly known as an LED is an electrical component with two DC terminals for current flowing in one direction. LEDs have a long life expectancy due to there being no filament, and work with electrical current reacting with electrons which releases the light. LED’s are extremely energy efficient by pulsating (switching on and off) many times a second.

Q. What is meant by pixel pitch?

A.  A pixel is a cluster of LED’s, the pixel pitch is the distance from the centre of an LED cluster to the centre of the next LED cluster measured in millimetres. Each screen can be made up of tens of thousands of pixels.

The more LED’s you have the more vibrant the images, also the more expensive they are so it is important to know what viewing distance you require.Indoor displays use SMD LED’s which incorporate 3 RGB (red, green, blue) LED’s as they can make a high definition display. Sizes for indoor range from 2mm-10mm pitch. Outdoor displays use SMD or separate LED’s for the higher pitch and range from 5mm-50mm pitch.

To find out which pitch is right for you will depend on the size of the display, the minimum/optimum viewing distance and what you want to show on the display.

Q. What are the running and maintenance costs?

A. LEDs are very energy efficient and you could save up to 80% on electricity costs.  There are no moving parts in the displays so there is little that can go wrong so you can save on maintenance costs.

Q. What is the brightness of your displays?

A. Our indoor displays have brightness ranging from 1500cd/m² to 3000cd/m² and our outdoor displays range from 5000cd/m² to 11000cd/m², including automatic dimmer with 12 levels of brightness, so we have the right display for your needs and application, whether indoor or outdoor.

Q. How many colours are available?

A. Single colour displays are available in red, amber, green, blue and white – tri colour have the ability to show red, amber and green.

Full colour displays offer up to 4 trillion variations of colour to show the viewer the best possible image or video

Q. Are LED signs heavy?

A. Our LED Displays come in lightweight, slim cases in various sizes to offer you the best possible mounting solution and flexibility.

Q. Are your LED displays easy to use?

A. The displays are easy to use, ranging from remote control, PC and USB connectivity for smaller displays. For the larger full colour displays we offer a variety of different solutions including serial, USB, network and 3G to suit your application